Steel Doors

Even today during the design of a new building, the importance that the doors of various spaces have for the safety of occupants and goods that are in them as well as the impact on the efficiency of the people working in them is often overlooked.

The German company TECKENTRUP and the Italian company NINZ use the most modern techniques in order to produce a wide range of fire-rated steel doors, smoke-tight, intrusion-protective, thermal insulated, sound insulated and stainless steel doors for sanitary spaces or simply multipurpose steel doors with a wide range of embedded control and safety components.

Steel Fire Doors

Fire- certified steel doors according to EN 1634-1, UNI 9723 or BS 476 for
30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.
All metal parts are galvanized and painted.
The frames of the fire doors can be simply angular or can cover the entire wall thickness. The door panels have security locks, special pairs of handles suitable for fire doors and a return spring for automatic closing of the door panel or optionally a suitable fire-proof door closer.
Besides their primary properties fire-proof doors can also have additional features such as sound protection, burglary protection etc..