Loading Dock Stations

Integrated loading dock stations from the American company RITE-HITE for fast, economical and safe loading and unloading of goods on and off trucks, designed and tailored to the specific requirements of products and modes of transportation.

The loading dock stations can include hydraulic levelers with telescopic or hinged lips, shelters, dock bumpers for safe vehicle approach and industrial sectional doors or industrial shutters.

Specific security equipment completes the comprehensive approach of the loading process focusing on speed, economy and especially safety.

Loading Docks

A typical Rite-Hite loading dock station could consist of a hydraulic leveler with a hydraulic swing or telescopic lip and a nominal capacity load of 6.000 kg, a pair of impact protection bumpers as for the trucks to safely reach the leveler, one shelter with wings from double-layer polyester and 3,0 mm thickness, truck wheel guides embedded in the floor and a manual or automatically operated
sectional industrial door.
Optionally the loading dock is also fitted with visual and audible warning approach lights, heating and safety equipment such as fans and lights and also limits for forklifts and trucks when reaching and parking at the docks..