Industrial Sectional Doors

Industrial sectional doors from the German company HOERMANN, the European leader and one of the largest companies in the field worldwide.

All the significant parts of the door such as panels, guides, motors and control units are designed, developed and produced all out of one hand, so as to ensure the optimum cooperation between them.

Especially for the panels, the most modern production techniques are applied, which allow their filling with PU foam so as to achieve maximum strength and insulation.

Industrial Sectional Doors SPU40

SPU40 sectional doors with their sturdy and durable construction for industrial use, with panel heights of 375, 500, 625 or 750 mm and 42 mm thickness with layers made of galvanized sheet metal and internal polyurethane foam insulation 100% free of CFC.

Uniform appearance with horizontal grooves of the panels by 125 mm.
Manual or motorized operation, with wall and ceiling guides and balance springs for easy opening / closing.
Interior locking through semi-automatic hand or foot lock (automatically locks the door when brought down to the floor).
Widths up to 8.000 mm and heights up to 7.000 mm.

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