High-Speed Doors

Self-supporting high-speed flexible roller shutters of the German company HOERMANN, with a curtain of reinforced PVC or special steel profiles and for installation in indoor or outdoor industrial or storage areas.

With a grid of security sensors in the full height of the operation area and its
Anti-Crash system which in case of an impact on the closed shutter releases by the side guides so as not to be destroyed.

All control panels are now available with inverter technology as a standard which allows rapid yet smooth motion.

The activation of the high-speed shutters can be controlled over a pushbutton on the control panel, with inductive loops, with motion sensitive radars or with a combination of the above.

Industrial High-Speed Doors

The Hoermann high-speed doors can be categorized into interior or exterior use doors, with a curtain made out of PVC or thermo insulated profiles, cold-room or freezer high-speed doors and doors with special specifications such as for food-processing and handling venues, for escape routes and with special explosion protection for sensitive and easily flammable environments.

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