Automatic Fire Curtains

Automatic fire curtains made out of special reinforced fireproof fabric, from STOEBICH BRANDSCHUTZ, the company who invented, developed and introduced the automatic fire curtains worldwide.

Automatic fire curtains are an attractive alternative for the fire compartmentation of buildings where conventional solutions such as fire walls with fire doors or usual steel fire shutters are limiting the freedom of architectural design and the functionality of the building.

The main characteristic of the automatic fire curtains is that there can be achieved very large free openings yet having very small same weight and dimensions.

Fire Curtains

Conventional type automatic fire curtains.
Identical in structure to a conventional shutter, a motor provides help for their opening and they remain in open position as long as the building's fire alarm system gives no warning.
Once fire or smoke is detected, the fire curtains descend using their own weight, without the aid of the motor, but always with regulated speed.
This ensures that the fire curtains will close as planned, even if their power supply is cut off (fail-safe type motors).

Stoebich Fibershield-P for very large openings up to 30 x 10 m (WxH).
Fire resistance of up to E240 and up to EW120.

Stoebich Fibershield-E for small openings of up to approx. 8 x 6 m (WxH).
Fire resistance of up to E90 and EW90.

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