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EN 16005

The European Standard EN 16005: 2012 entitled "Motorized pedestrian doorsets - Safety in use - Requirements and test methods" is nowadays also valid in Greece since it was put into effect in April 2013. After its ratification by the Greek Standardization Agency (ELOT) it is now officially a Greek Standard entitled ELOT EN 16005.

The standard specifies the minimum security requirements regarding automatic doors used by pedestrians.

It introduces the installer's responsibility to identify and prevent the potential hazards of a door such as the position where the central edge of the sliding panels meet the fixed panels and injuries to fingers, hands etc. can be caused or the area where the sliding panels open and meet a fixed point, where someone could stand by and get injured.

It also obliges the owner or operator of the automatic door to carry out preventive safety checks at least once a year and to record its service history etc. in a service book.

A large section of the EN 16005 refers to the use of automatic sliding doors in emergency exits : until today, when an automatic sliding door had to be positioned in emergency exits only Break-Out doors could be used, i.e. the technology where the doors sliding panels are converted to swinging panels by applying pressure on them.

These doors have a very high initial purchase price, high maintenance requirements and several weak-points in their operation.

These doors continue to be available but they are no longer the only option when emergency exits must be realized.

The new standard establishes special requirements for automatic door drives without Break-Out function and if these requirements are met and certified, then these drives can be placed in escape routes and emergency exits.

These special drives must be able to open the sliding doors within a short time limit, to have an incorporated continuous self-monitoring feature, to allow the opening of the doors even if a key element of the drive should break, such as the motor, to continuously test the charging of the battery and more.

The automatic sliding doors ECdrive-FR from GEZE meet all requirements for use in emergency exits and are already successfully used in escape routes and emergency exits in many buildings in Europe.

The main advantages of the GEZE ECdrive-FR doors in comparison to Break-Out doors are :
  having far fewer components, they have much lower maintenance needs and minimal failures during their operation.
  they are not an easy target for intruders /thieves like Break-Out doors.
  they are cost-efficient as they have a lower initial purchase price as well as lower operating and maintenance costs.

Ask to be informed by Viatec and the specialized GEZE consultants about the new standard EN 16005 and especially about the automatic sliding doors for emergency exits GEZE ECdrive-FR.

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